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Locum Cover - 2 - 13 November

Dr Doerte Pfuetzner will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor from Monday, 2 November to Friday, 13 November 2020.

October 2020

Eilidh's Farewell

EilidhTomorrow is the last day for Eilidh Seaton our Aberdeen University 5th year placement student. To mark the occasion we arranged a surprise delivery of Drumfearne cupcakes with a special 2020 medical theme. It has been great to have you in Carradale and we all wish you good luck with your final few months of university placements and graduating in 2021.
A big thank you to all the patients who assisted with Eilidh's placement via telephone, video or face to face consultations.

Locum Cover - 14-16 October 

Dr Doerte Pfuetzner will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor from Wednesday 14 October to Friday 16 October 2020.

Flu Clinics

We now have our vaccines in stock and have started contacting all eligible patients to book appointments. We will be running Flu Vaccine Clinics for Carradale Surgery registered patients starting from Friday, 2 October.   The 5-minute appointments will be on a Friday morning for Carradale patients and on a Wednesday for Skipness patients.

Due to the increased numbers receiving vaccines this year, the Covid-19 regulations, and limited car parking we are issuing Flu Clinic Guidance to assist clinicians and patients. 

We THANK YOU in advance for your help in making the flu clinics run smoothly.


Flu Clinic Guidance


If you have Covid symptoms or feel unwell, please do not attend your flu clinic appointment. Telephone 01583 431376 to advise ASAP

Surgery staff will telephone eligible patients to book appointments as clinics will be by appointment only.

Wear a short sleeved top and/or loose clothing for easier administration of the vaccine.

Arrive promptly at the surgery, but only 1-2 minutes prior to your appointment time as there will be no indoor waiting room in operation. If you are late your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Please wear a face mask/covering on arrival and during your appointment.

There is a one-way system in operation for patients at Carradale Surgery – enter via the front door and exit via the side fire door which is at the end of the corridor.

You will be met at the front door by one of the receptionists who will direct you to one of the two clinicians at your appointment time.

All coats, clothing and walking aids etc to be with you at all times as items cannot be left at the entrance.

The surgery toilet will only be available for emergencies.

Please adhere to the 2-meter social distancing at all times. 

Sept 2020

Carradale Surgery Public Holiday

The surgery will be closed on Monday 28th September.  Please make sure you order your prescription in good time. 

If you need to contact a doctor urgently you should telephone

NHS 24 on FREE PHONE 111 or in an Emergency dial 999

New Email Address

All NHS Scotland email addresses are changing.  The new surgery email address is now


Covid Testing Locations

Adults and children with symptoms of Covid-19 should be tested as soon as possible and within 5 days of symptoms appearing. These symptoms include a new and persistent cough; a high temperature; or a change in ability to taste/smell.

Members of the public should book a test here (it is best to do this after 7pm for next day locations): coronavirus

Anyone without internet access or unable to travel to a testing centre should call NHS 24 on 0800 028 2816 to book a test.

Testing takes place in the following mainland locations each week at drive-through Mobile Testing Units (MTUs), for example leisure centres.page1image42105280 page1image42098752   

LOCHGILPHEAD - Mondays and Tuesdays

OBAN - Wednesdays and Thursdays

CAMPBELTOWN - Fridays and Saturdays

When a home test is collected it must be registered online to ensure the person taking the test gets their results by text message: https://www.test-for-

Completed self-test kits must be delivered back to the advised collection point asap and not posted via Royal Mail. This ensures delivery to the lab within 72 hours.

Key Messages about Results

  • 􏰋  Symptomatic people and household members must self-isolate until tested.

  • 􏰋  If result is negative, your temperature has been normal for 48 hours, and no-one

    else in your household has symptoms, you no longer need to self-isolate (this

    does not apply if you have had contact with a confirmed case).

  • 􏰋  If the result is positive then you should self-isolate for the remainder of 10 days

    from the onset of symptoms and the rest of your household should self-isolate for

    the remainder of 14 days from the date of onset of your symptoms.

  • 􏰋  Household members should get tested if they develop symptoms or if advised to

Map of Testing Locations

Placement Student

Carradale Surgery are looking forward to welcoming Eilidh Seaton, a 5th year medical student from the University of Aberdeen who will be with us from Monday, 7 September for seven weeks.
The university and students highly value these placements to learn about remote and rural General Practice. Thank you in advance to all the patients who help with developing our future doctors.

August 2020

Locum Cover - 28 August

Dr Grace Gibson will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor on Friday 28 August 2020.

Locum Cover - 10-14 August

Dr Doerte Pfuetzner will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor from Monday 10 August to Friday 14 August 2020.

July 2020

Covid Testing

Please find attached updated arrangements for the covid-19 mobile testing from 20 July until further notice.

Carradale Surgery Public Holiday

The surgery will be closed on Monday 6th July

Please make sure you order your prescription in good time

If you require to contact a doctor urgently you should telephone NHS 24 on FREE PHONE 111 or in an Emergency dial 999

June 2020

Locum Cover - 26 June 2020

Dr Grace Gibson will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery on Friday, 26 June 2020.

Important Message from Dr Elder

Please Remain Vigilant

If you have any of the following symptoms (however mild) you should immediately go online to the NHS Inform Scotland Website and apply to be tested for Coronavirus or telephone the helpline on 0800 0282816. You should aim to get tested in the first 3 days of your symptoms appearing, although testing is considered effective up until day 5.

a high temperature or fever

a new continuous cough

a loss of, or change in sense of smell or taste

Do not go to your GP, pharmacy or hospital. You should remain isolated at home until you get the result of the test, and then follow the advice you will be given based on the result. 

It would be very useful if you could also quickly feedback to the surgery on 01583 431376 that you have symptoms, are being tested and also the outcome of your test once received.  This allows us to be immediately aware of the coronavirus situation in Carradale Surgery Practice area and act accordingly.

Only phone 111 if:

  • your symptoms worsen during home isolation, especially if you’re in a high or extremely high-risk group
  • breathlessness develops or worsens, particularly if you’re in a high or extremely high-risk group
  • your symptoms haven’t improved in 7 days

If you have a medical emergency, phone 999 and tell them you have coronavirus symptoms.

If you have had a positive test result you should follow all the NHS Inform Scotland guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Locum Cover - 12 June 2020

Dr Grace Gibson will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery on Friday, 12 June 2020.

Face Coverings

As of a Monday, 8 June we would like to request patients who are visiting the surgery for face to face consultations to wear a face covering. This is to protect you as a patient as well as the surgery staff. If you arrive at the surgery without a face covering we will be able to provide you with a disposable surgical mask.
The surgery has been and will continue to provide face to face consultations when appropriate following telephone triaging. Please do contact the surgery on 01583 431376 should you have any medical concerns.

Test and Protect

Test and Protect

May 2020

Locum Cover - 28 May 2020

Dr Grace Gibson will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery on Friday, 28 May 2020.

Near Me Video Consultations

We are pleased to inform you that our Practice Nurses are now also set up to use the video-consulting system “Near Me”. This will allow you to have video consultations from the comfort of your own home using your own computer, smartphone or tablet device. Video appointments are not suitable for every type of appointment, so the Practice will advise you when it can be used. All video consultations are by appointment only.

Details of how you book a video consultation with Dr Elder or the Practice Nurses are available on this surgery website at the Appointments (Near Me) tab above.

As our Practice Nurse Jill Denton also runs Smoking Cessation clinics from Carradale Surgery, these can also now been done via video consultation as and when required.

GP Practice Open on May Public Holidays

Carradale Surgery will be open on the May holidays of 4 and 11 May 2020.  Dr Elder will cover these days and prescriptions will be able to be collected between 2.00 pm and 4:30 pm.

April 2020

Food Bank


Hand Sanitiser for Patients

Dr Elder and the Carradale Surgery Patients Group have donated a bottle of hand sanitiser for every household in the practice. Thank you to all the local volunteers delivering to all.

GP Near Me Video Consultations with Dr Elder

Carradale Surgery is now set up to use the NHS Scotland video-consulting system “GP Near Me”. This will allow you to have a video consultation with Dr Elder from the comfort of your own home using your own computer, smartphone or tablet device. Video appointments are not suitable for every type of appointment, so the Practice will advise you when it can be used.

Booking a Video Consultation with Dr Elder:

Details of how you book a video consultation with Dr Elder are available on the surgery website at

Thanks must go to National “Near Me” Lead Clare Morrison who has championed Near Me; and to Healthcare Improvement Scotland Technology Enabled Care Team at how quickly and efficiently they have rolled out “Near Me” to all GP practices as part of the response to Covid-19. Local thanks must also go to Arlene Stenhouse who is the Argyll and Bute Project Support Officer with TEC Team Scotland.

Carradale Surgery - Update

As we end the first lockdown period and enter a further three-week spell I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone for adhering to strict self-isolating and social distancing.  It has had a huge effect on minimising the spread of Coronavirus and is the best way in which you can assist in keeping our community and those around us as safe as possible.

The surgery is operating as normal, albeit the last few weeks have seen many changes in the way the practice has provided urgent medical care in the community.  The main aim has been to reduce the number of patients physically coming to the surgery in order to keep both our staff and patients safe.


In order to minimise the spread of the virus, we are doing a large number of telephone consultations which have worked really, really well by being able to give full consultations with follow up prescriptions and investigations as required.

We recently introduced trial video consultations using ‘NHS Near Me’.  This is a fantastic, safe and secure resource which has been rolled out very quickly across the region to allow us to do video consulting with you whereby you do not leave your home. You can use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and instructions will shortly be available on our website and Facebook page. 

If we decide it is necessary for you to be seen in the surgery or at home, this is arranged for you.  Our main entrance has been locked, allowing entry only to attend essential appointments, thus limiting the number of patients in our waiting room at one time.  If we arrange a Face to Face appointment with you, don’t be alarmed if you see us wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  This may include mask, glasses, visor, apron, gloves and are worn to safeguard staff and patients. 

We have sourced PPE from NHS Scotland and through a number of innovative ways to ensure we and the carers in the community have supplies.  If you need any PPE for caring for members in our community, please get in touch with us.


The dispensing side of the practice has been extremely busy and seen a very large increase in workload, so we have appreciated the 48-hour window before you are collecting your prescriptions.  A thank you to everyone assisting us with sending in your prescription requests in good time and using email or telephoning (01583 431376).  We are pleased to be able to offer an in-house prescription delivery service for patients who are unable to collect or have their medication collected by a family member.

The surgery will continue to be ‘open’ for prescription collection Monday to Friday between 2:00 pm and 4:30pm.  Please ring the doorbell and follow the instructions on the door.


We have sanitiser available for everyone entering and exiting the building.  The surgery has purchased a consignment of sanitiser gel for staff, carers and key workers in the community as required.  Along with the Surgery Patient Group it has been agreed to give each household a 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser gel if required.  Once the full delivery arrives we shall arrange distribution.


Our community has always had a fantastic support service, but never more so than in the last few weeks.  We have a large number of our community self-isolating, and it has been wonderful to see the volunteers that have stepped forward to provide support and care to all. 

The Temporary Shop has shown to be an extremely valuable asset alongside the ‘COVID 19 Support: Carradale and EKCC Area Group’ as well as Shopper Aide, Kintyre Community Resilience Group, Key Workers and the many local businesses providing a food service to our doorstep.  Our website ( has full details of support contact details should you require help (local, regional and national contacts).


A VERY BIG THANK YOU must go to my surgery team who have worked extremely hard with all the changes required to be implemented at short notice and with some members now home working.

We are still in the early stages of the Covid Crisis and I cannot stress enough the importance of social distancing and self-care.  We have a wonderful environment on our doorstep for those taking their daily exercise and very lucky to live in such a beautiful, caring community. Please follow all the NHS Inform guidelines and stay safe.

Dr Malcolm Elder

Congratulations to Dr Irina Rotariu and Dr Bianca Rose Low

Irina  Bianca Rose

Congratulations to our 2019/20 University of Aberdeen placement students Dr Irina Rotariu and Dr Bianca Rose Low who graduated today (two months early in Elgin and Shetland Hospitals) where they are helping the NHS with the coronavirus effort. We wish you all the very, very best in your future medical careers.

Thank You

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the number of businesses through local and personal contacts who have donated or sourced for us much needed items for the surgery/community in the last couple of weeks.

Beinn an Tuirc (Hogg Wash sanitiser); Harbro Ltd (disposable boiler suits); Glen Scotia (protective clothing, masks, sanitiser); Gael Force Group (protective suits); Jim Martin Supplies (masks); Kintyre Smokehouse (aprons); Midton (masks); Quirky Gift Library (masks); Shenley Park (gloves, arm sleeves, aprons); NHS Scotland - For The Love of scrubs; Dr R Coull (masks); D Holmes and E Beveridge (gloves).

It is fantastic that gin / whisky / fishing / farming / chocolate / apple orchard / clothing / acrylic industries have rallied around with innovative thinking and protective equipment. We are so touched and very appreciative.

Should you be caring for someone in our community and are concerned you do not have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) please let us know and we shall assist you.

Take care, stay at home and stay safe.

Hogg Wash

Hoog Wash

Carradale Surgery were delighted to receive a large donation of ‘Hogg Wash’ from local Beinn an Tuirc Distillers. THANK YOU so much as this is very much needed at this time and we shall be back to purchase some more in due course. Great to see the Big Don still be used for this as well as gin making. 👏👏👏

March 2020

Thank You 

TYAlong with the sunshine today came local hero Iain McAlister of Glen Scotia who has kindly donated vital personal protective equipment, masks, anti bacterial hand wash, disposable gloves and paper towels for Carradale Surgery.

We have been trying to source effective PPE for all our staff from a variety of different outlets as normal suppliers are out of stock.

A huge THANK YOU from us all as this donation is hugely appreciated at this time.

Prescription Collection

To assist surgery staff at this time, please can we request that prescription collection is at least 48 hours after ordering and that collection is done between 2.00 pm and 4:30 pm.  Many thanks for your assistance here.

Special Measures

Following a team planning meeting today it was agreed to minimise risk to staff and community by introducing some special measures.

Dr Elder is self isolating and working from home having recently returned from holiday. The surgery phone line (01583 431376) has been diverted to Dr Elder’s house to enable telephone consultations and message taking.

To assist with ordering of prescriptions can patients please email with their requests if possible. Alternatively telephone in or post through the letterbox. In these unusual times please can you order your prescriptions in plenty time to assist us with ordering and processing.

Thank you to everyone for their understanding at this time.

Please follow all advice to stay safe -…/infection…/coronavirus-covid-19

Patient Information - Coronavirus

In light of the currently evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation in the UK, Carradale Surgery is taking some preventative measures to help protect our community. We would ask that everyone understands and appreciates our reasons for implementing the following measures; we have the best interests of our entire community in mind and are keen to minimise the risk of infection to as many patients as possible.  We are encouraging contact by way of telephone (01583 431376) or email ( 


In order to minimise the spread of the virus, we are triaging all requests for appointments. and encouraging patients to engage in telephone consultations for the time being, rather than attending the surgery for ‘face-to-face’ appointments.  If the clinician then decides it is necessary for you to be seen in clinic, this will be arranged for you.  We have locked our main entrance, allowing entry only to attend essential appointments, thus limiting the number of patients in our waiting room at one time.  

 Medication Requests

Please email (preferable), call (01583 431376) or post through the letterbox at the left-hand side of the building.  

 Medication Collection

Please collect your medication 48 hours after ordering and between the hours of 2:00 pm and 4:30pm. Ring the doorbell and follow the instructions on the door.

Hand Gel

Please use Hand Gel when entering and exiting the building.

Locum Cover - 2 to 20 March

The following doctors will be covering Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery. Please note Thursday evening surgeries will be from 4.30 – 5.30 during these weeks.

02 - 13 March    Dr Doerte Pfuetzner 
16 - 20 March    Dr Grace Gibson

February 2020

Locum Cover - 17/18 February

Dr Doerte Pfuetzner will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery on 17 and 18 February.

Locum Cover - 7 February

Dr Malcolm Kerr will be covering for Dr Elder as Locum Doctor at Carradale Surgery on Friday, 7 February

January 2020

Change to GP Consultations as of 3 February

The following letter is going out to all patients to advise of the changes being made to GP consultations as of 3 February.

Dear Patient




We are writing to inform you of changes to our GP consultations. Carradale Surgery now has 44% of patients aged over 65 years which is well above the national average (17%). With this in mind and the growing number of patients with multiple complex medical conditions, the surgery has decided to change all appointments from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. This will assist Dr Elder, Locum GPs and staff to provide the most effective, manageable care to all patients.  


To make this change to 15-minute appointments, there will no longer be Open Surgeries.  From Monday, 3 February 2020, GP consultations will be by bookable appointment only.  Urgent medical conditions will continue to be accommodated as required.


GP appointments can be booked at reception or by telephone.  Please note there will be no change to Practice Nurse consultations. 








10.00-11.45 AM

15.30-16.30 PM



15.30-16.30 PM



SKIPNESS 13.30-15.15 PM


09.30-11.45 AM

18.30-19.30 PM



14.30-15.45 PM



We aim to continue to provide the best holistic care to our patients. We hope you understand the reason for change and assist us in making this decision work for all patients.



Yours sincerely


Dr M Elder


January 2020
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