Anticipatory Care

Planning ahead for the end of life

If you have a terminal illness, or are approaching the end of your life, it may be a good idea to make plans for your future care.

Planning ahead in this way is sometimes called "advance care planning", and involves thinking and talking about your wishes for how you are cared for in the final months of your life.

People usually carry out advance planning because they have a condition that is expected to get worse, which may mean they will not be able to make or communicate their decisions in the future.

Anyone can plan for their future care, whether they are approaching the end of life or not. Advance care planning can let people know your wishes and feelings while you're still able to.

Two useful links for more information are:

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McMillan Cancer Care and Support

For more information on the work of the MacMillan Cancer Care and Support Service, please click on the link below

McMillan Cancer Care.

Maggie Wilkieson, our Palliative Care Nurse, provides information and assistance to terminally ill patients.  Maggie can be contacted on 01586 555822.

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